In my spare time I go to the shooting range. I shoot both pistol/revolver and rifles. Regarding rifles my main interest lies at the WW2 period. I have two pistols, a
revolver and a rifle at the time. A cal. .22 Tanfoglio pistol, a Pardini GT9 9mm, a Smith & Wesson model 686 cal. .357Magnum and a k98k rifle.
Those who play DoD probably know the rifle.

Before my brother and I got our own rifles a friend of ours took us shooting with his rifles. Take a look at it here.

My rifles

My hand guns

Mauser K98k, dou. 44

Tanfoglio Force 22 cal. .22lr


Pardini GT9 cal. 9mm


S&W 686 cal. .357 Magnum

My brothers new rifle: Finnish Mosin Nagant M1891/30, 7.62x54R