Below are some pics and filmclips from a day at the shooting range. We were trying out a K98k with completely matching numbers and a ZF-41. The first pic is of another friends k98k, also with matching numbers. Both very fine rifles. Ofcourse in the original 8x57mm caliber. Very powerful indeed.

K98k   K98k with Z41   K98k with Z41

K98k with Z41   K98k with Z41   K98k  

The other rifle was a Mosin Nagant 91/30, a russian sniper rifle from 1944 in 7.62x54R. A very beatiful rifle. The scope had 4 times magnification whereas the K98k with scope had 1.5 times magnification. Unfortunately the camera has a very poor automatic gain control, so it cuts off most of the blow from the rifle. That's sad because you can't really hear the sound of the round being fired on the videos.


K98k with the ZF41 scope, video 1 (6.25MB): download
K98k with scope, video 2 (6MB): download
K98k with scope, video 3 (10MB): download
Mosin Nagant 91/30 (4.21MB): download