News february 22nd.

Updated the Mauser k98k dou. 44 section with pictures and 2 videos.

News february 4th.

I finally completed the redo of the site design. Much nicer now and more suitable for 1024x768. I've added some info about my new Mauser k98k rifle. Next step is pics of the rifle and my bike.

News january 5th.

My brothers new rifle just came. A Mosin Nagant 1891/30 in 7.62x54R. I've added it to the shooting range.

News december 21st.

Added two film clips of the S&W 686 in action at the shooting range and created the Pardini GT9 page. Furthermore it's now possible to contact me through email. Look in the "contact" area for info.

News december 12th.

I updated "the shooting range" and added my newly bought gun. An S&W model 686 cal. .357Magnum. The others will be added later.

News november 1st.

A new version of de_nimbus has been released. A rather annoying bug on the terrorist-spawn dumpster has been fixed. The bug caused an unwanted invisible wall. Now V1.02.

News october 25th.

The site has been remade in a completely new design. de_nimbus.bsp has been added and is available for download and a sort of "testserver" is running de_nimbus only. Join at Unfortunately this server only accepts danish ip's :( but I can't change that.